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Diploma in Business Finance - (DBF)

About the Program

Advantage DBF

About the Program

As we enter the 21st Century with new hopes and new expectations, it is imperative that we appreciate the world around us is changing rapidly, throwing open great challenges and innumerable opportunities. Driven by the growing trend of globalization, the revolutionary developments in Information Technology and the emergence of E-Business, the world of business is witnessing far reaching changes. Finance which is at the heart of any business is to be well understood by all managers so that the organization achieves its major goal, namely to maximize share holders' wealth.

Corporate finance is changing from domestic funding to multi-currency funding. Financial Control is changing from simple accounting to integrated control systems based on Enterprise Resource Planning. International finance is dominated by virtual funds at the disposal of forex dealers who move billions of dollars daily across the globe with the extensive use of information and communications technology. Investment management is shifting from simple equity or debt products to complex derivative products like options, futures and swaps. Financial services like banking and insurance are getting geared up for virtual delivery in a seamless digital world.

In the context of these sweeping changes, the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India has designed the Diploma in Business Finance (DBF) Program keeping in mind the needs of engineers, IT Professionals, non-financial executives, other working executives and consultants to equip them with a basis understanding in finance, accounting and control. The DBF Program is based on contemporary theory and practice and provides a strong conceptual foundation in these areas. With its trust on imparting knowledge and skills, the DBF Program will be eminently suitable for professionals aspiring to improve their career prospects. However, the pursuit of the DBF Program demands intellectual maturity, strength of purpose and willingness to work hard. For those endowed with inquisitive minds and the drive succeed, the DBF Program would be a voyage of discovery.


The objectives of the DBF Program include the following:

  • To impart a basic understanding of concepts, tools and techniques in finance, accounting, control, economics, law and allied areas.
  • To provide basic skills for understanding and providing solutions to day-to-day business problems through an understanding of finance, accounting and control.
  • To develop a strong interface between finance and other areas of management like operations, R&D, marketing, personnel, information technology etc.
  • To encourage engineers, IT professionals, non-financial executives and other working executives learn about finance, accounting and control so that they can develop an overall perspective about business and its goals.


The DBF Program may be completed in a period of one year through self-study and examinations.



Advantage DBF

The DBF Program has been developed in the context of the increasing strategic focus placed on finance and the need for Engineers, IT Professionals and other Non-Financial Executives to get good feel of this vital area.

The DBF Program is designed in such a way, that it introduces the basic concepts and gradually builds up the knowledge and skills in all the vital areas of finance, accounting and control so as to help the candidate develop a strong understanding about the concepts. Following are some of the important advantages derived by the candidates who enroll into the DBF Program :

Latest in Knowledge

The DBF Program incorporates the latest knowledge in business finance. It offers insights into the contemporary developments in all areas of finance, accounting and control.

Focused Curriculum

The DBF Program focuses on 6 vital areas of Business Finance viz., Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Economics, Quantitative Methods and Economic Legislation. This curriculum would enable the candidates acquire a thorough grasp of these areas with a practical orientation towards application of the knowledge in the business environment.

Convenient Mode

As the DBF Program is offered on a distance learning mode through self-study, it can be conveniently pursued by working executives at their own pace without disturbing their regular work schedules.

Quality Courseware

ICFAI provides excellent course material comprising of textbooks and workbooks. They are reviewed and updated every year in tune with the changing economic and business environment. The Chartered Financial Analyst Magazine is provided as a continuous learning input to the candidates to keep themselves updated with the latest developments.

Integrated Learning Approach

The DBF Program follows a unique integrated learning approach consisting of self-study, self-evaluation exercises, and examinations. This approach helps the candidates acquire good insights and practical application skills.

Skill Development

A distinguishing feature of the DBF Program is the thrust placed on skill development of the candidates through a well structured and integrated education methodology and the unique examination system.


The examinations are held four times a year (January, April, July and October). There are 31 Examination Centers all over India. This will give the candidates flexibility to appear for examination as per their convenience. A unique walk-in registration facility is also available.

Customized for Career Progression

The DBF Program is specially designed to equip the candidates develop a strong understanding in the core areas of finance, accounting and control which will help them immensely in career progression and mobility.

Special Advantages for Engineers, IT Professionals and Non-Financial Executives
The DBF Program has been uniquely designed to familiarize Engineers, IT Professionals and Non-Financial Executives with six vital areas of business finance viz., Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Economics, Quantitative Methods and Economic Legislation. The DBF Program will give a good understanding in the core areas of finance, accounting and control and help you immensely in the career progression and mobility.

Benefits for Engineers : Engineers are traditionally more involved in the manufacturing and operational aspects of business. However, in their day-to-day operations, they will also have to interact with finance and accounting professionals. Further, as they move up in their career, they will have more and more managerial responsibilities which will demand increasing interface with finance and accounting experts. Therefore, it is very important that engineers should have good understanding of various areas of finance, accounting and control. The DBF Program will provide new perspectives for engineers to understand business as a whole and relate their operational aspects to the needs of the organization. With the in-depth understanding gained in finance, accounting and control through the DBF Program, engineers will be able to appreciate much better the need for an integrated approach for managing a successful business.

Benefits for IT Professionals : In today's IT-driven business environment, all functional areas of business have strong IT orientation. With the advent of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Packages and integrated resource management technology including supply chain management, and the massive growth of E-Business, IT professionals are required to gain in-depth knowledge in finance, accounting and control functions to become effective solution providers. The DBF Program will give you in-depth knowledge in finance, accounting and control so that IT professionals like you can work more comfortably with domain experts in finance.

Benefits for Non-Financial Executives : Finance constitutes the lifeblood of any business. Most of the managerial decisions do have financial implications. Entering into new markets, launching new products, setting up of a new manufacturing base, acquiring another business, expanding the existing business operations and running the day-to-day activities require decisions which have strong financial implications, both on a short-term and long-term basis. Business organizations need to generate adequate profits to sustain their operations and achieve growth. Hence, most of the organizations are driven by the bottom line. Consequently, understanding the basic concepts and practices related to finance, accounting and control is quite important for all general managers and functional managers. After going through the DBF Program and acquiring an in-depth knowledge in finance, accounting and control, a functional manager can become a much better general manager with clarity of the goals of business to make profit in the competitive world.