When a youngman scans most of the advertisements, he feels discouraged because experience of some years is required. Therefore, he begins to feel short of the necessary requirement and does not dare to apply for the job for which he knows full and he is quite suitable to. In case he has the requisite confidence in himself, he should go ahead and apply for the job, stating that the experience is bound to come as and when he is employed and his skill is assessed.

And in case he is called for an interview, he should not feel scared, but on the contrary, he must try his best to stand tall, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually, seeking God Almighty's guidance all the while. Of course, he must do his best applying all his ability and skill in the job and deserve his selection over those who were experienced, more so by showing his initiative and the imagination, that may prove to the employers that a youngman with vision is far better than an experienced hand, who has fallen in some routine expertise!

Even a child when learns to walk uses some confidence in self and, of course, by and by he begins to walk. Why this natural phenomenon is not taken cognisance by the employers insisting all the while on experience? I am certain any person who wants a really good employee should like to have a young man with initiative and drive, rather than one who wants to leave his previous job. But both have their own merits and demerits. But we must try to assess our own abilities and potentials. as to my mind there is nothing that one cannot learn, if he is keen and desirous. And certainly these qualities matter a lot, besides education, knowledge and understanding of the job in question.

You must be seeing your face in the mirror many times a day and feel pleased with the personality you have. But personality in the real sense in revealed the moment you speak, more so by your day-to-day behaviour and conduct in life. But the total personality your possess consists in your inner qualities, more than your external physical appearance. So, you must feel pleased and satisfied with your inner self about which many times even you are not aware of, if you do not care to be introspective and a hard task-master.

However, one thing is certain that you possess a great potential and can easily become great, if you begin to learn more about yourself and with determination and self-confidence acquire the abilities which directly attract your attention. What is most essential is, never feel shy in learning and in the long run you are bound to be happy with your achievements. Confidence comes by doing the work, which in turn is called experience; so experience is nothing but hard work and those who have initiative can actually do and repeatedly perform such work through imagination and even create the likely hurdles and solve them.

What matters most is hard work and in so far as the salary is concerned, it is bound to come in the process itself. I know a young man, one of my friends, who is a qualified engineer, but is jobless, despite the fact that he got some work and worked there for about two years, but subsequently retrenched. Thereafter he got another job, which he himself left as he considered that his employers were not giving him due regard to his status. Now for quite some time he is jobless, and has come to me for help and advice. One must prove his worth, so that his employers may begin to feel his presence, in that he should make his position inevitable, as if he is a necessary part of the machinery without which the organisation cannot function smoothly.

Work is life according to our Vedic philosophy. And when we have to work why not do it in the best manner possible? In the 40th Chapter of Yajur Veda as also in Ishopanishad, we have been advised:Aspire Oh Man! To live through virtuous and noble deeds for a hundred years, in peace with all. Thus alone, and not otherwise, will thy deeds not influence thee. Doing your duty for the sake of duty and most efficiently that may have the stamp of your individuality on it should be your aim in life.

In Sanskrit, there is a quotation:One who does not recognise his own self, knows nothing. Hence please concentrate on your own abilities and never try to belittle them when the time to put them into action presents in your life. This is also self-assessment and certainly you have immense powers, but you do not know these.

In Rig-Veda it is stated, a man who does not work but remains idle, is an enemy of the society. But in our country many people do not find any work to do, either physical or mental, because of the wrong system of education and the wrong policies of the Government. Otherwise our country has so much to do, while, on the other hand, so much of manpower is going waste. What a pity?

Oh Man! do your work yourself and enjoy its rewards. We must have the ability to work hard, thereby keeping ourselves self-reliant and strong, as a Sanskrit poet has written:Oh Youngman! Labour so hard with your body that you may get so much perspired and your sweat may begin to run like water. Even intelligent persons who keep busy on mental exercises, must do some physical work to keep healthy and fit.

Ability comes by doing the work and it is much better to start from the lowest rung of the ladder and ultimately reach the top, rather than sit at the top and then feel frustration! In such cases, I would advise people to utilise their intellect and imagination, by initiating such other activities in the organisation that may prove helpful, not only to the institution, but to the country as a whole.

In this connection, the story of how a lion cub got somehow mixed up in the herd of jackals and began behaving like them is relevant. But after sometime when he saw his image in the water, he realised his own self and the abilities and the prowess that he possessed and began to roar like a lion.



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