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                                                                                                              Express your Anger

The Youth of today is angry about many things which are affecting their lives

Some of them are expressed in this section-

Bribe giving and taking should be made legal .Suggestion -income tax can be leived on income.

Cases of common people can be solved outside the court and better let court decide the cases of our political giants impartially

Financial System should be made more mobile so that captilists can have a free run

Country should be divided into smaller states so it become better to manage and exploit them

Education system should be made according to the availabilty of jobs. As Education as a word has lost its meaning

Country should exploit its natural resources to the full extent even if it means uprooting thousands of people

Mafia should be given licences to operate in specific areas only

Our Electoral system should be made for the politician of the politician and by the politician.

People should learn to be influenced by emotions and fight willfully for their respective religions. Even it means mass killing.


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