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This is not a love trinangle with a film script but it is more dramatic.Inreal life, more precisely off the tennis courts, a female could split the world's best doubles pair.A deep throat says friction between them was sparked off by model Anupama Verma.Bhupati is going steady with her despite Pea's best attempts to snatch the model. This dil ka daura started off the tiff that has culminated in the divide.

His grandfather was among the greatest Hindi poets of the 20th century His father had no equal .So when the young Abhishek came to the capital last week to promote his debut film at a press conference, reporters were expecting to see some of the old bachan magic. Surprisingly, Abhishek chose English to address the gathering .One reporter was given one-liner "You've got 10 minutes "




Congressmen manage to develop doublespeak into a fine art ."There's no escaping the fact that Sonia Gandhi has lost all grip over the party. Things are bad" confides a senior CWC member. The tribe of equivocating Sonia critics is growing with jairam Ramesh and Vasant Sathe voicing their doubts.

Why does India keep winning? Is it because it has a large cosmetics market? Or the largest TV audience ? Whatever is the reason a thing remain to be seen that is are overexcited response to Lara's win fodder for the ambitions of MNCs ? femina once used to be in the red; post pagents, its now swimming in cash Dutta like Hayden and Rai, will become Brand Ambassador.



Computing the pre-match probability of a team winning a tie can show if the result was an upset. the gap between a swide's upset rate and of its peers is the fixing index. In 2000, matches not involving the South Africans had an upset rate of 22 per cent. But in matches under Cronje, the proteas earned an upset rate of 42 per cent.

It was told by a female that she found men who wrote e-mail well made love well. She particularly admired men who could handle long sentences successfully, since it often demonstrated they could sustain something over a long period of time and still reach a successful conclusion. So E-Mail is the best Male



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