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India Today:Aug -It may be time for another State Reorganisation Commission.
I think that that reorganisation should be done on city wise basis and then everyone will be happy because there is different language in every city.

TOI :9 Aug,2000 -Karnataka expects good news today.
Hope everything turns up nicely or Krishna will have no one to blame except Veerappan.

TOI :9 Aug,2000 -How has Veerappan eluded capture?
By default his luck is good that government has not trained Police force for forest hunting.

TOI :9 Aug,2000 -Big B clears part of Tax dues.
Wow what a good news hopefully his better days are coming back.

TOI :9 Aug,2000 -TNCC smells a rat in Rajkumars kidnapping.
It's not rat but a cat behind his kidnapping.

TOI :8 Aug,2000 - Commitited to talks without preconditions: Vajpayee
Amazed! one should not be so commited. You are dealing with a neighbour which does not know the meaning and essence of Democracy.

TOI :7 Aug,2000 -"Don't waste a golden opportunity": Hizbul
Indians have many opportunities , unfortunately you had one that also did not came your way.

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