The Language That Hearts Speak

Hello friends, this a randezvous for those who need to bare their souls to get back the peace of mind they lost because of their illfated choice in life.Come, join us to open your mind and speak which will help hundred others to know how tough life can be and learn to boldly face it when the time arrives. Life is not always sweet.........and its not only you who is going through this unexpected painful phase of life so the only way to get over it is to let it go out of your heart and all that you need to do for this is : share it with everybody by just typing all that you feel.

  • He is good but not to me:

Hai, I'm Deepa. This happened an year ago but I still haven't got over him. He was my senior in college. On the first day of my college, when I was entering a group of guys stopped me and started ragging me.It was very bad and I started crying.Arvind was also in that group, he took me aside,got me miranda and consoled me.He was a final year student. From that day he used to speak to me every day.I don't know when I really happened to fall in love in with him. He used to help me with my studies, get me notes. oh! so many things. He was very sweet to me.Even my friends told me thet he had feelings for me.On valentine's day I got him a card and a red rose. I didn't have the guts to give it. I just put it in his bag and ran way. that night he called me up and these were his words "hai deepa, Thanks for your present. But I can't accept it.I'm alredy in love with my cousin.She stays in Madras. She loves me a lot too. I'm sorry that i didn't tell you about this before and please forgive me if I've been responsible for you to think of me like that.I've always considered you as a kid sister.Please forget this incident. and we'll be same as ever:good friends.Bye,goodnight, take care". I felt like dying that day.I wanted to change my college. Even today he speaks to me but I can't look at his face.and i still can't help loving him.I know i'll never get him.I feel so bad. I'm helpless. Somebody please do something...

  • Don't ever flip for Happy-go-lucky types:

Hello! I don't want to disclose my Identity. How much ever pain or heartache it might cause me I don't want her to know about what I am going through. I have heard that Love is one big illusion as you try to forget, probably it is true for her, with another person already there to make her happy but in my case I am left all alone to pine for my lost love. Was it really love…….from her side?

I met her at the fresher's party. Every other guy in the room was eyeing her,my own best friend was dying to stay next to her. But it was me whom she looked at and smiled. That day I danced with her. Later we got to be good friends. After around three months I proposed her and her response was immediate. Yes, she agreed! Life was heaven then. We use to spend as much as time possible with each other. I used to call her up even in the middle of the nights and speak to her for hours together. I don't know how things went so wrong. She got fame all over the college after her solo dance on the college day. Many guys started proposing her and I used to feel very jealous. We started having fights over petty things then, in the mean while my best friend also proposed her. I broke my friendship with him. For many days I didn't go to college when I finally went there it was not the same between us . She used to spend more time with my friend, she never had time for me . Then one fine day she gave me a letter saying that she wanted to break her relationship with me and that she had accepted my friends proposal, as she thought that he was the right one for her. I hate her for this. How could she leave me in the middle of nothing after drawing me so deep into the relation. I am ashamed but still, I can't help crying into sleep almost every night. I will never forgive her for what she did to me Friends, when you fall in love make sure you don't flip for happy-go- lucky types, rather don't fall in love at all.



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