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Define love and express what you feel


What is Love?, Where it happens?, When it happens?, How it happens?, Why it happens?, Are really difficult questions to answer.

If asked about love answers will be "Love is this, Love is that, and etc.,"
But what is love? they don't know, except some true lovers.

When love starts? Their is a one love centre.That centre is "SSLC" yes X standard.

You know the meaning of SSLC it is "Secondary School Living Certificate."

but it is turned as,
"Sundara (Beautiful Guys) Sundariyara (Beautiful Girls) Loving Centre."
don't mistake me!

All will say that in that age means 8 to 10 Std when love take birth between Girl and Guy that is Real Love. In this age when they heared the word LOVE, they definitely feel
"Kuch Kuch Hota Hai." Because they don't come across any type of faults or cheating

But then it comes to college Love. There all loves are duplicate and for money etc. (etc include many thing) that's why we cannot call College love is Real love.

In College, If Girl (not all Girls some excepted) wants to love somebody in the college, She wants some Qualification in his Boyfriend:-

  • He Should have a Bike.
  • How much money he brings with his pocket and how much he can spend.

And Guys, Naturally he wants his Lover or Girlfriend should be beautiful and if he call girl for someplace, she should be ready to go.

If you have Something to say what love is or your own love story feel free to tell us


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