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I want to send this message to Swapna I love you a lot and it is getting difficult to live without you.

This message is for Ruby that she can't ditch me and go with other person.

I want to send a message to Harish. How r u? How many girls has been added/subtracted from your lover's list, and How are they?

I want to send a message to Rajashree. How r u ? I am fine, What about your love ? and Progress in it?

I want to send a message to Nagaveni. Don't worry, Chandra will definitely love you, Don't put any pressure on him.

I want to send a message to Veerappan. You have very Good Criminal Idea. Kidnapping of Rajkumar was not easy.You are in a very strong position to complete your demands but Leave Rajkumar as early as Possible.

I want to send a message to Hrithik Roshan. You have a really good Biceps. But remember don't show always like Salman Khanor you know "Law of Diminishing Marginal Uttility ", you go on showing you biceps and it will be boring after some time.


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