Discipline is not doing extraordinary things but doing ordinary things extraordinarily well through proper actions. Action is of two kinds- without direction and absolute direction. What is discipline? It is a force, which marshals our inner force and saves us from possible disasters in which the undisciplined often find themselves. Discipline has advantages. It enables you to cultivate steadfastness. You do not permit your mind to sidetrack important matters. It enables you to go on with your work until it is completed. In other words, with discipline you save yourself from dithering.You remain composed. Adversity cannot push you this way or that. You are not at the mercy of your nerves and do not rush from one chore to another- all poorly done.

Without discipline you cannot experience enjoying the serenity which stems from a job well done. Achievement does not come from feverish attempts. It comes from disciplined action. Begin by doing things of 'trivial' significance. Take something that you have been shirking for long, whether it is a certain area of mathematics, which you don't find interesting, or payment of a bill or a visit to a friend. By using will power, you overcome.

To strengthen your will power, select a small project rather than a big one. If you say "this week I am going to write one essay", you are likely to accomplish this task. But if you say, "today I am going to finish this book" the chances are that, you will not. When you finish one job do not relax. Instead allow yourself another reasonable task, which enables you to proceed at a steady pace. A break in steady and disciplined effort pushes you away from long range goal. Go on adding one link to another which forms an unbreakable chain.

When you come into a task, prepare yourself as thoroughly as you can if you have to write an essay, it is better if you keep your side the reference matter. This ensures concentration, and you have no excuse for leaving the work incomplete. Do not be overawed by obstacles. Instead, look upon each step as a definite move towards the ultimate goal. Then look back and you will be thrilled to see a string of small success behind you. These inspire you to more efforts. They strengthen your sense of discipline. You have results to your credit.

Be on guard against your so-called friends. They will tell you that you are gaining nothing from your efforts. In such circumstances, remind your self of your tangible success. Bad suggestions have a banal influence. Counter them. Your effort to cultivate self-discipline go waste if you do not master the art of dealing with time wasters. They are chronophages. Every successful person has either cultivated or adopted a way of life to keep time wasters out of his life. Einstein says " have to work now", and excuses himself from the time-wasting scene.It is important to have a reasonable, workable plan of work, and a rational spur to it. Hurry is an evidence of inner stress. There is time and ways for action and reflection. Don't 'escape' from time. Fill every bit of it with positive action. This is the core and crux of discipline.



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