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Personality Development


The following articles talk about personality development which can help you improve and achieve your career goals.These are extracts from personality articles which come from our counsellor's desk and added to this are articles that come from visitors of educationinfoindia.

In this age of competition, a student has to be very intelligent right from his childhood.The solution lies in our ancient tradition when a child's education used to begin from the time the parents thought of having a child, viz., the day of pregnancy. This was known as 'Garbhadhan Samskara'. So it is very appropriate to educate a child even before he/she is born as it is education which makes us a Human being ; without education, a man is no more than an animal. So is it with self-confidence which must be increased in a child right from the beginning. Its importance means that one should have staunch faith in his own ability and power to undertake the task in hand with utmost confidence in order to make life really successfull and happy.

This section is composed of three subsections- personality articles emphasising on discipline, how to recognise ones abilities and overall development, the art of learning, time structuring and how one can achieve success. The other two subsections deal with some professional tips of writing job winning resumes and preparing for interview.

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