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The options before a student who is entering the graduation cycle is vast indeed. He wants to know what are his future prospects in various streams before deciding on his chosen career path. But where does he go for this kind of information. We have tried to compute certain career scenarios for various combinations of career options available to a student in various streams. He can progress through graduation, post graduationa dn then super specialisation in his chosen stream and then decide on the best path open to him. With dedication and zeal - you can achieve your dream. So go ahead and sample the career charts.

In View of the enormity of the task before us, we have curtailed the career graph to just the medical field but in due course each and every stream, of study open to an aspiring student will be available here.

Click on the stream you wish to explore to generate the career graph for you.

1.   Engineering 11. BSc. (Biology)
2.   Medical 12. MSc. (Computer)
3.   BVSc.(Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences) 13. MSc. (Biology)
4.   B.P.T. 14. MSc. (Physics)
5.   B.B.M. 15. MSc. (Chemistry)
6.   B.H.M. 16. B Pharmacy
7.   B.A.M.S. 17. B Com.
8.   B.U.M.S. 18. L.L.B.
9.   B.H.M.S. 19. CA
10. BSc. (Mathematics) 20. CS
11. BSc. (Biology) 21. CFA

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