Resume Writing  


Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts


  • Include the person's full name, title, company name, and company address.
  • Include your full name, address, and contact information.
  • Use a formal greeting (Mr., Ms., Dr.).
  • Center your margins.
  • Follow up after three business days.
  • Mention how you found out about the position.
  • Be upbeat and creative--make your letter stand out.
  • Keep copies of everything you send.


  • Don't write a long letter--shorter is better.
  • Don't address the person by first name unless you know him or her personally and have permission to do so.
  • Don't forget to personally sign the letter.
  • Don't forget to check grammar and spelling.
  • Don't use flashy stationery (unless you're applying for a highly creative job).
  • Don't use slang.


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