Resume Writing  


What are the building blocks of Resume?

While there are different resume formats, there are some rules that apply no matter what.

  1. Be clear and concise (1-2 pages maximum)
  2. Be honest about your experience and goals (but present them in the best possible light)
  3. Stress what you can do and what you've learned
  4. Be neat--no typos, smudges, etc.
  5. Don't forget to proofread it! We can't over-emphasize the need to proofread your resume--and better yet, have someone else proofread it, such as an English teacher or guidance counselor. Two sets of eyes are better than one--your proofreader may catch mistakes that you missed--but an employer won't miss.
  6. Resumes with grammar mistakes or misspellings or even uneven margins often get tossed.

Make sure your resume clearly shows the following information:

  1. Name Address Phone number E-mail address (if you've got one)
  2. Employment history (including dates)
  3. Reference statement
  4. Job objective
  5. Accomplishments
  6. Don't forget to include volunteer work, work and school awards and honors, notable skills--employers are interested in all of these. Make the most of your experience. Be proud of what you've done in the past. This helps make a positive impression.


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